7 Ways To Get More Natural Light

Get More Natural Light

The living room is where we spend most of our time. It is this room we want to get the most natural light. After all, the best form of lighting in any room is a natural one.

Having the living room facing the right way is essential. This is why when purchasing a home, the aspect of the house is included in the sales material.

Other rooms also need natural light. Getting as much natural light into them as possible without going through a costly renovation can be done. It just takes a few simple decorating tricks.

Tricks To Increase Natural Light


Mirrors are not only perfect for making a small space look bigger. When placed next to a window, it gives the illusion of there being an extra window in the room.

When placed opposite a window, the mirror reflects light into the room.

Both mirror placement adds extra light to a room.

Window Treatment

If you can live without window treatments that would be best as this would allow light to come in through the window without any obstruction.

If on the other hand, you need privacy, choose a treatment that does not cover any part of the window when fully open.

Shiny Surfaces

Having shiny surfaces allow light to bounce off them and gives the appearance of there being more light in a room than there is.

Adding reflective surfaces can be done in kitchens by adding a glass splashback and in the living room by installing shelves that have a high gloss finish.


The colour you choose to paint a room would determine how much light a room has.

A room painted in a dark blue colour like navy will not feel as light, and airy as a room painted in eggshell or cream. If you do opt to have a dark colour on the wall, consider painting the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall colour to make the room seem brighter.

In other words, with navy walls, consider painting the ceiling a pastel blue colour.

Having done all you can on the inside of your home, to increase the amount of natural light coming in, have a look at the outside. As there are things that can be quickly done to get more light coming into your home.

Trees, Shrubs And Bushes

Are there lots of trees outside your windows?

Consider cutting the branches back. This would allow more light to come into a room.


Clean windows and skylights from the outside regularly. It is amazing how much light fails to make its way into a room because of the amount of dirt has built up on the glass.

Open The Curtain

Remember to fully open all window treatments to ensure you get natural light coming into the home.

By doing these few things more natural light will find its way into your home, and you would not have spent too much money getting it done.

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