A Few Offline Ideas To Occupy Yourself

Offline Ideas

Ever wonder what can be done to keep yourself and children entertained that doesn’t involve using an electronic device like a tablet, computer or TV? Or how you can limit screen time in a way that is enjoyable?

Here are a few ideas of things that can be done either as an individual or in a group.

There are classic and modern ones.

Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Scrabble, Battleship, are all games that can be played with family and friends’. Some are strategic games, such as Battleship and Monopoly, others require using the knowledge you have, like Scrabble.

It’s always fun playing board games no matter how old you are.

Card Games

Get the deck of cards out and play a game like snap, solitaire or go fish.

Some card games can be played individually, giving you a chance to spend time with yourself or with others.

Exercising the mind is one of the benefits of playing most card games.


Team sports, individual sports, organised or impromptu.

Playing sports gets the body moving. There is no need to have any equipment as you can always put on a race so long as there is a start and end point.

Drawing And Painting

For those who do not want to run around, drawing is a great activity, as is painting.

In is a good activity to pursue to bring out our creative side.

Art And Craft

Hot glue sticks, cardboard paper, sequence, beads and scissors.

Crafting creates beautiful things out of ordinary objects.

Woodwork Or Metalwork

Those who are good at making things with their hands and love using tools would do well here.

Teaching these skills to others is a great way to bond with friends or other family members.


Spend time journaling about your day, plans or writing a story.

Puzzle Solving

Solve a Rubik's cube puzzle, put a jigsaw puzzle together, doing the crossword are all different ways to problem solve.

Great things about puzzles is once solved; the challenge becomes solving it faster the next time you have one.


Go camping as a family or with friends’.

Leave electronic devices at home, take the bike or a kayak if there is a river or lake at the campsite.

Nature Walk

If you live near a national park, go for a stroll, if you reside in a city walk to the local park and enjoy being outside.

Bike Riding

Ride to a friends house, to the shops or on a bike trail.


Dance with friends to your latest favourite song. Practice the dance moves until you’ve all nailed it.

Science Experiments

Create your own science experiments using things around the home, like using baking soda to create a volcano or adding mentos to a bottle of coca cola.

Just remember to tidy up afterwards.


These are just some activities to do offline.

They can all be done in groups giving both adults and children an opportunity to socialise with family and friends.

Most importantly, it teaches us there are other things to do with our time that does not solely involve constantly being online.

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