Switch To LED Lighting. They Are Popular For A Reason.

LED Lighting Is Popular For A Reason

A previous post written came out of the frustration of trying to buy a particular type of LED light bulb.

Now the LED bulb has been in use for a while; I am convinced LED lighting is the best form of light to use in homes. Which is why I pay slightly more attention to posts on social media showing images of LED lights.

I do this for no other reason, than it is an area that interests me greatly at present. Also, some of the images used in these posts can on occasion be captivating. I like the clarity LED lights have, whether it is battery operated or run on electricity. I also like the different colours you can get them in.

Gone are the days of only being able to get a limited range of coloured incandescent light bulbs.

What Makes LED Lights Popular?

Other than clarity and colour availability, I am also happy to see all the different forms of light fixtures and fittings that now accommodate LED lights.

LED lighting is becoming more popular and can be found wherever a light source is needed. Here are some reasons for its popularity.

Lasts Longer

LED lights are longer lasting than compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and incandescent light bulbs, meaning they get replaced less frequently.

Light Is Immediate

When the use of energy efficient lighting started becoming popular, one issue faced was the length of time it took for light bulbs to reach full strength when switched on. In other words, the light was not immediate.

LED lights when switched on are at full strength immediately. There is no lag time between switching it on and full brightness.

Costs Less To Run

Buying a LED light bulb is more expensive that an incandescent or CFL bulb. This initial investment, arguably, is offset by not having to replace the bulbs as frequently.

The reduced energy used also converts to you seeing a lower electricity bill, as it uses fewer watts for the amount of power generated.

Showcasing Artwork

It is a source of light that can be used to showcase artwork at home.

This is because LED light gives off minimal heat, which prevents the artwork from deteriorating due to light shining on it.

Other pieces of furniture in the house would also be prevented from having light deteriorating, with the use of LED lights.

Where Can LED Lights Be Fitted?

There is no real need to change any of the light fixtures you have to switch to using LED lights.

LED lights are available to purchase in the most common forms of light fittings used in homes such as bayonet and screw caps along with various types of downlight fittings.

The only thing to look out for when choosing to switch to LED lights is if your light fixture is wholly or semi-enclosed. If the bulb is going to be in an enclosed space, look for LED lights that have been designed to work in these types of space.

The benefit of doing this is a longer lasting LED bulb.

Other Benefits Of LED Lights

  • LED lights are good to use inside and outside the house
  • They give off a brighter light - great if you have a room prone to darkness
  • Available in lots of colours
  • No flickering

The initial investment to switch to LED lights is higher. However, the ongoing cost benefit of using LED will outweigh this overtime.

Reduced electricity cost, longer lasting light bulbs, immediate light are a few reasons to switch to using LED lights throughout your home

Plus, if you time when you replace your lights well, you may be able to pick up LED lights in the sale.

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